Part No.: 302040 (Pin mount)
Part No.: 302041 (Magnet mount)
 24320D Capacity approx. 20 liter/Hour.

 Disc Diameter 320 mm
 Simple Use
 Quick and easy disassembly / assembly
 Small Enclosure dimensions make it easy to position the CNC machines
 Supplied “ready to run” incl. standard 320mm Disc (Plexiglas) Can be delivered with Alloy-Disc + electrolytic ceramic surface
 Also available with Magnet mount (picture)
Nimatic Disc-Oil Skimmer This Oil Skimmer removes unwanted leak oils and other contaminants from the surface of the cooling lubricant. Surface Oil should always be removed, not only to extend the emulsion life, but also to create optimal conditions.
D-models special developed for production with high amounts of leak-oils in the surface of Emulsion. The Nimatic Oil Skimmer 24320D is special designed for heavy leaking machines, with oiled feeder, but can be used in all heavy leaking situations.